The Guardians of Childhood

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*A Weekly Low Down on Kids Books*

Title: The Man in the Moon

Author: William Joyce

I clearly have an artistic and literary crush on the fabulous writer and illustrator of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore! William Joyce’s work is simply beautiful, spunky, cozy, and classic.

During story time at Half Price Books in Humble, I was very pleased to discover a pile of The Man in the Moon on the shelf this morning, the first of many in Joyce’s Guardians of Childhood series.  It seems as though Joyce’s work, despite being lengthy, is just the remedy for a squirmy, whiny toddler.  One look at these gorgeous illustrations and immediately stillness and wonder ensues.

Joyce presents the myths of childhood in a way that a child will understand that they are beautiful dreams to enjoy, a fantasy to embrace.  Kids and and adults alike cannot tear their eyes away from…

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